1How you control quality?
Thanks to our strictly QC system,we assure all the spare parts are in the same levels of quality.Every pieces are 100% tested before delivery.All the operations are done to guarantee each piece genuine CHANGSHUN brand diesel injection parts and common rail parts equipped with outstanding performance.
2What’s your warranty time?
All genuine CHANGSHUN brand diesel injection parts and common rail parts are guaranteed with outstanding performance within 1 Year.
3What’s your delivery time?
It ususally take about 2-3 working days after payment made.
4What brand are available here?

As being in the business line for decades,our products covers most of the reputated brand and manufacturers in the market as below:
Brand: CHANGSHUN (Genuine; Original)
If you are looking for quality diesel injection parts suppliers ; exporters,welcome to contact the global pioneer of overall solution in diesel systems.

5What’s your MOQ?

Head Rotor:1 Pieces
Nozzle: 10 Piecese
Plunger:10 Pieces (T Elements 6 Pieces)
Pencil Nozzles:10 Pieces
Common Rail Parts: 10 Pieces

6How to delivery my order?

As strategic partner of DHL,we usually choose DHL if you don’t insist.
For big order,we delivery by Air or Sea.
It all depends on your decision.

7What Nozzles letters means?

If you are in the diesel injection parts field,you must be familiar with the nozzles and its parts number.So do you really know what the letters means in its OEM number?Here China Balin Power Co.,Ltd – professional fuel injection parts specialist,will take the injectors DLLA150S187 as an example.
DL = A hole type nozzle, one that sprays fuel through several holes in the tip of the nozzle body L = Indicates a “long” nozzle
A = A code indicating details of nozzle design (4 hole, 5 hole, etc..) 150 = Spray pattern in degrees, 150°
S = Nozzle shoulder diameter code. It must match the shoulder diameter of the nozzle holder. The sizes are: P = 14mm, R = 16mm, S = 17mm, T = 22mm, U = 30mm, V = 42mm, W = 50mm
187 = Application information code for Bosch use.

8What’s code of Injection pump means?

PE = An inline injection pump with integral camshaft
S = With flange type mounting. (base or cradle mount pumps are identified as PE only)
6 = Number of high pressure outlets
A = Pump size. Indicates an “A” size pump. As used by Bosch the term “size” is less indicative of actual size, than design characteristics. The word “model” is probably more accurate. 352/353 engines
all have “A” series pumps. Early 366 motors will also have this pump, it was subsequently replaced by the heavier “MW” series pump. The larger 355 motors used with some rear engined snow
blower systems use the “P” series pump.
80 = Plunger diameter in tenths of a mm. i.e. an 8.0 mm plunger
C = Design change code, in this case the third design. A= 1, B= 2, C= 3, D= 4, etc..
410 = Construction information; location of fuel transfer (feed) pump and governor.
R = Direction of rotation when facing the drive end of the pump. R = right hand (clockwise) rotation. L = left hand (counter clockwise) rotation. S 2085 X = Bosch code for application and usage of pump
RS = Governor type (RS = tractor type, RQ = vehicular type
V = Variable (all speed) governing.
350 = Low idle pump speed. (one half engine speed, or 700 rpm) .. = An additional designator for variable speed governing. A / (slash) in this position indicates minimum and maximum governing only.
1300 = Full load, rated speed. Pump rpm at maximum engine speed under full load. (one half of engine speed, or 2600 rpm )
A = The injection pump “size” this governor is intended for use with
2 B = Design change code. B = second version
1005 D = Bosch code for application and usage of governor

9How to solve VP44 pump problems?
When you are involved in vp44 injection pump problems,you might become crazy if you are new user or know nothing about it.Usually 98-02 Dodge Cummins engine has the problem in VP44.As the aftermarket suppliers for diesel injection parts and common rail parts,China Balin Parts Plant will give you more information of VP44 pump and wish it helps you somehow.
10What is a VP44 injection pump?
The fuel injection pump (VP44) is an electronic rotary distributor pump. The pump performs four basic functions. It first produces the high fuel pressure required for fuel injection. The pump also meters the exact amount of fuel for each injection cycle. As the diesel fuel moves through the VP44 it is distributing the high-pressure, metered fuel to each cylinder at the precise time. The fuel pump then varies the timing relative to your Cummins engine speed.
11What caused my VP44 pump to fail? How common are VP44 injection pump problems?
The most common cause of VP44 failure is to lack of fuel. Dodge trucks 98.5 and up are notorious for having weak lift pumps. Unlike most injection pumps the VP44 is fuel cooled and lubricated. Therefore, if its fuel supply comes from a weak lift pump, it is very easy for the VP44 to overheat and cause damage to itself. This lack of fuel results in one of two types of failure within the VP44. One is that the diaphragm inside of the pump is damaged and does not allow the pump to build up the appropriate amount of pressure. The second is that the overheating causes the computer portion of the pump to also overheat and thus, creates a communication failure between the ECM and the Injection pump.
12What is wrong with my VP44 fuel pump?

The most common mechanical failure of the VP44 pump is rupturing of the diaphragm in the front of the injection pump. The diaphragm ruptures allowing the timing piston to vibrate and damage the front cover until fuel bypasses. This will cause the dreaded check engine trouble code P0216. When this occurs your Bosch VP44 Injection Pump must be replaced. The rupturing of the diaphragm is caused by a poorly designed lift pump. When the lift pump does not supply the Injection pump with the correct amount of Fuel Pressure (a minimum of 5psi under load at wide open throttle) the diaphragm then doesn’t have enough positive pressure and ruptures. Dodge has recognized this problem as they will no longer even sell the lift pump that goes on the side of the block; they replace it with a unit that is now mounted in the tank. The average cost of having the lift pump put in the tank is about $800.

13What is wrong with my VP44, truck will not start or has white smoke?

A seized rotor is a common problem with 98-99 trucks or ones with a rebuilt pump without an upgraded rotor, coating, and distributor. This mechanical failure of the VP44 is located in the head of the pump and is a communal problem that has plagued the Cummins engines for a long time. According to Bosch this failure is a poorly “de-burred” rotor. This is a problem in the machining, but has been phased out in later years of production. A seized rotor can be contributed to the lift pump not providing enough fuel to the injection pump. Diesel Fuel is used as a lubricant, so when there is an insufficient amount of fuel the rotor does not get lubricated properly. If you are hitting high RPMs down the road and this is happening, you are not getting the lubrication your pump needs and you are likewise going to run into problems. If the rotor seizes the truck will not start and the VP44 Injection Pump must be replaced.
The last reason for the failure of the VP44 pump is electrical problems with the computer on top of the pump. Heat is the main reason associated with this problem, causing the soldered components to become crystallized over time and make bad connections. Lack of fuel is again part of the problem, because the VP44 is cooled with fuel instead of oil (as the old P7100 12valve pumps). When this problem occurs you will usually experience intermittent hard starts, white smoke and what’s usually referred to as “The Dead Pedal”.

14What is the cause of a hard start?
Hard starts, as they relate to VP44 injection pump problems, are caused by lack of fuel or over pressurization by the lift pump. If a lift pump is going bad and failing to supply the proper amount of fuel to the injection pump, then the truck will hard start due to lack of fuel. However, if a new lift pump has been installed and is pushing over 15 PSI to the VP44 injection you can also get hard starts. The VP 44 is a very sensitive pump and needs approx. 12 PSI to run properly. Once you start getting about 15 PSI to the injection you actually begin to over pressurize the pump and cause it to act as if you had flooded the engine. The above question “What is wrong with my VP44, truck will not start or has white smoke? Dead Pedal” may help in solving hard starts as well.
15What will void my warranty on my VP44 pump?

The VP44 pumps will not be warrantied if a user taps or splices the pump wire and does not use a stealth cover. This is where having a BD Diesel stealth plate comes into play. The Stealth Cover for the 1998.5 to 2002 Dodge 24V fits onto the VP44 injection pump, providing a secure, sealed connection instead of notching the pump wire for power mods. If the wires are cut in any way the pump is no longer under warranty, and any repairs that need to be made to the injection pump will be the buyer’s responsibility.
It is also not advised to run bio-diesel fuel in your fuel tank because it gums up the internals of the pump and rusts the diaphragm. Running bio diesel through your engine will also void the warranty of a pump. VP44 fuel injection pumps are a great pump and work very well only if you give it the right fuel. It is also highly recommend to not be using cheap filters or watered down fuel to improve the quality of life of your VP44.